“My mission is to create a supportive environment where creativity flows, technique is balanced with musicianship, and execution is balanced with ear development.”

A teacher once told me that playing music is like being an artist with a palette or a carpenter with a tool belt – you have to pick the right tools to craft your best work. I have learned to apply this to teaching. No two students are the same, so I tailor my approach to each individual student, using every tool at my disposal to help give my students a deeper understanding of music. Most importantly, I aim to make music a source of joy rather than a source of anxiety. I teach both piano and trombone lessons.

Piano Lessons

I believe that the piano can be the first step on the road to a life enriched by the appreciation of music. At any skill level or age, piano can hone the fundamentals of music. These skills can be transferred to other instruments or voice. My teaching methods include a variety of method books, performance books, singing, theory, and songwriting. 

Trombone Lessons

The teaching methods I use in my trombone studio are a bit different than the ones I use for my piano students. Because the trombone fundamentals are much less visual than those of piano (sound production is a result of the mechanics of the tongue and lips inside the mouth and mouthpiece), my teaching methods revolve around tone production and development of the ears. My teaching methods include etude and method books, solo repertoire, listening and singing, and theory.